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Outhink your opponent and win the election.

  • Recruit volunteers, hire consultants and buy campaign ads.
  • Raise money from campaign donors.
  • Conduct polls and travel.
  • Place votes on each State and battle for victory.
  • Teaches Electoral College system, politics, geography and strategic planning.
  • Challenging at any level from child to adult.
Election is a game of campaign strategy for the whole family. Plan your campaign, win votes and battle for victory in each State. Win enough Electoral College votes to become the next President of the United States. Careful campaign planning and management of campaign funds is required to defeat your opponent. Conduct polls to discover which candidate each state favors. Be sure to read the Daily News card and watch out for the "Dark Horse" candidate that can steal your Volunteers.

Election is fun for the whole family and will have your children jumping up and down thrilled to have just become the next President of the United States.

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The object of the Election board game is to get elected President of the United States. Players must win Electoral College votes to win election. Votes are won by trading in combinations of Volunteers, Ads and Consultants. Place votes on states and attempt to win enough electoral college votes to win the election.

Election is a board game about winning the presidential election. If you are interested in president board games, presidential board games, campaign board games and election board games then you will probably enjoy Election.